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Photography – Then and Now

Photography – Then And Now
Judith Hayes

Find Great Photography InfoThere were many steps involved in the evolution of the camera obscura to the amazing digital cameras we have today. Technology rapidly moved photography through its infancy into the era of personal use. We can thank Eastman Kodak for bringing the camera to the masses with the slogan, “You press the button – We do the rest.”

Advancement of Photography
Black and white film was king until the mid twentieth century when color made its entrance into the industry and rapidly Continue reading

Alcoholism – Don’t Ignore It

Judith Hayes

Alcoholism affects more than 17 million Americans. The number is staggering and the consequences are deadly. No one is immune to alcoholism. Many of those suffering from this disease are professionals, such as doctors, teachers, business owners, lawyers, judges, and even clergy. Over 10 thousand men, women, and children lose their lives annually to drunk drivers. The need for alcoholism treatment is at a critical juncture, and public awareness is needed if we are to reduce the serious results of alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism Defined
Alcoholism refers to the behaviors and mental illness resulting from an addiction to alcoholic beverages and products containing alcohol. Alcoholism treatment programs are offered to help the addict stop drinking and to modify risky behavior. Addiction recovery is possible and offers the addict a chance to regain self-respect and a normal life. Continue reading

Understanding Drug Addiction Rehab

Judith Hayes

We hear the term drug addiction rehab tossed around whenever there is a family member or friend going through a battle with substance abuse. The behaviors exhibited by the addict will vary depending on what substance is being abused, but they all share the elements of negativity and depression. Drug addiction rehab provides the way back to personal responsibility.

Understanding Addiction and Rehab
It’s important to understand that addiction is a chronic disease and must be treated aggressively in order for the abuser to regain control of his or her life. An addict is unable to consistently abstain from an abused substance, does not recognize his or her problem behavior, and is dysfunctional when faced with the normal challenges of daily life. Drug addiction rehab confronts and addresses all these issues. An addict cannot “rehab” his or her abuse. Trained professionals are needed in a supportive drug addiction rehab setting to assist in achieving the personal goals of recovery. Continue reading

The Emotions of Divorce Can Hurt Children

The Emotions of Divorce Can Hurt Children
By Judith Hayes Copyright 2013

Divorce and childrenWhen a couple makes the decision to divorce, a whole range of emotions comes into play. Unfortunately, children too often feel the effect of these emotions, and react to the stress, anger, and tension in the home in a negative way. If children are present during discussions or arguments, they will absorb only what they understand; Mommy and Daddy don’t love each other anymore. Children may feel they are the cause of the divorce, or they may feel they are also no longer loved and become afraid. Fear affects behavior and children may exhibit their fear with anger, acting out, or withdrawal. There are things parents can do to ease the pain divorce brings their children.

Continue reading

Cooking – A Life Saving Skill

Cooking – A Life Saving Skill

By Judith Hayes ©2014

Fresh Natural FoodThe majority of families require two incomes to provide the money needed to live a comfortable life. Hectic work schedules limit the time available to prepare healthy home-cooked meals. Long working hours and travel time guarantee couples are tired when arriving home and seldom in the mood to cook a healthy meal from scratch. Pizza, takeout, and frozen meals in a bag or box too often become the solution for hunger. Appetites can be satisfied quickly when you can eat out of a restaurant container, heat prepared food in a pan, or pop frozen meals in the microwave for a few minutes. While these fast meals may taste okay, they can be detrimental to your health.

What’s In Manufactured Food?

Toxic ingredients are at the top of the list of harmful chemicals hidden away in manufactured foods. The chemicals are added for a number of reasons, including flavor enhancement, increased shelf life, addition of color, enhanced appearance, increased sweetness, convenience, and the addition of artificial nutrients. Continue reading

SEO – Three Dos and Three Don’ts

By Judith Hayes ©2013

Find great SEO informationWhen Google launched Panda in 2011, the world of SEO changed in an instant. Although never publicly stated, it is obvious that “content farms” are the main target of these changes. As winners and losers of the new algorithm become known, it’s easy to recognize that publishing vast amounts of poorly written content, spun over and over again, is and will forever be unacceptable to Google.

Most business owners trust the content portion of their website to the Webmaster, but like any other industry, Continue reading

Achieve Weight Loss Without Dieting

Find Great Health InformationThousands of people need to lose weight. Most of them are afraid of failure and won´t try dieting. This article explains that dieting isn’t necessary if people eat healthy foods in place of all the manufactured foods and fast foods they normally eat. It explains how the adoption of a healthy lifestyle will result in weight loss and improved health.

Copyright Judith Hayes Continue reading

You Are A Book

new babyBy Judith Hayes
Copyright 2002

From the moment you were born, you impacted the lives of those around you. You were responsible for laughter, tears, and perhaps a touch of sibling jealousy. Your nose belonged to Aunt Martha and your ears to Uncle Frank. Those beautiful blue eyes came from your Grandma Simmons and everyone knows those little red curls were a definite gift from Grandpa O’Riley. Continue reading

Digital Hints – Understanding Raw

Great raw photography infoBy Judith Hayes Copyright 2012

Digital cameras have changed the world of photography. While the affordability factor makes it possible for most people to own a quality digital camera, all the buttons and options today’s cameras provide intimidate many new owners. Raw data is a term that causes many hobbyist photographers to set their camera to auto. When understood, raw mode is a very helpful tool to both amateur and professional photographers. Continue reading